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Big Data like many other data terms has many different meanings to different people, but most would agree that this new exciting technology is not just hype anymore. It is the way of the future in capturing and using data from all aspects of life and well beyond the limitations of most data systems found in businesses today.

Gartner defines Big Data as,”High-volume, high-velocity and high-variety of information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.”

As time goes on, more and more data will be captured on just about everything we do in life; be it driving a car, walking in monitored areas, complaining to a company over the phone, watching TV, using our cell phones, using the internet and many other of our daily activities..

Until recently, Big Data was not a cost-effective solution because of the amount of storage, processing power and cost required to process such massive amounts of data in a timely manner. Likewise, most businesses do not have the experience or the hardware and software infrastructure to support Big Data and must rely on vendor assistance to design and build a new Big Data solution. New Big Data technologies, processes and techniques now provide cost-effective means of processing “Petabytes” (one million Terabytes) or even “Exabytes” (one million Petabytes) of data in a timely manner.

This massive amount of new useful information provides a wealth of additional intelligence on business and customer requirements. Big Data allows for many new forms of “event” data, the recording of an event that has happened versus a business transaction from typical business data systems. This additional event data now allows us to take advantage of the inherent intelligence provided by Big Data and allows us to be proactive with the intelligence provided. This exciting new data technology will change the way we use data today in business, research, science, medicine, defense and numerous other industries. .

Think of Big Data as the technology that has removed the limitations of “how much” data that could be captured, processed, examined and acted upon in a timely manner. The amount of business and real-world challenges that can be resolved through the application of Big Data technology and processes is almost endless. This may sound futuristic but the technology exists today and organizations are rushing to understand and deploy this technology in order to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective businesses or industries.

With this new technology comes the challenge of handling an extremely voluminous amount of data in each environment. We must now reengineer existing or build new systems, infrastructures, processes and applications in order to integrate this capability into existing environments and to achieve business value of the newly found data.

New Big Data Technology Infrastructures are currently processing data sets ranging from dozens of terabytes (one million gigabytes) to many petabytes (one million terabytes) of data in a single data set. To address the challenges of sheer volume, new hardware and software platforms of Big Data tools are being developed by numerous vendors who are rushing their hardware and software products to market in order to handle various aspects of extremely large quantities of data.

Dataversal has mastered the techniques to harness the power of this new data technology for a competitive advantage in businesses of all sizes and industries. In addition to Big Data consultation, we offer a full range of Big Data product solutions designed to lessen the cost and time required to deploy Big Data in your organization.

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