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It is no secret that advanced data management and analytical reporting systems have become one of the top priorities of corporate Business and IT Executives alike. Having access to readily available data that is accurate and the tools to track and model business conditions are a necessity in every organization today.

This trend has caused a boom in the demand for highly experienced data professionals to support a rapidly changing ecosystem and plethora of data technologies and products.While the falling price points for data systems hardware and software have made these data management and reporting systems very affordable, the demand for sufficiently skilled resources and the time required to design, develop and deploy these systems has increased the resource and staffing cost exponentially.Thus, we now have a situation in where these new advanced data systems are crucial to the success of every organization but the complexity of such systems, the supply shortage to meet the demand combine with the high cost of resources have prevented many organizations from realizing any business benefit.

The options to design, develop, deploy and operate Data Technologies have been limited to full-time employees, contractors and consultants.. But are these truly “viable” options for all organizations? The employee option is usually good, but can you find and keep them? If you find them, there is a substantial upfront investment and reoccurring costs. The contractor (or subcontractor in most situations) option may be an option, but there is a shortage of “qualified” data contractors and everyone is competing for the same resource pool and driving resource costs up. The consultant option is usually viable for a “short-term” effort given the exorbitant cost. So what are businesses to do? Most try a combination of these options, unfortunately more than once, given the complexity and high failure rate of such projects.

Where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity!

The explosion of need for “experts” in Data Science has cleared the competitive field of “pretenders” and has laid a path for new innovative solutions to data challenges and “true experts” to rise far above others. A network of data experts with decades of experience, knowledge and intellectual capital have joined forces to build a new “Data Company” from the ground up , setting them apart from the competition and providing each client organization with more data experience and knowledge available at “body shop” price points.

This gave birth to a new and unique company that is based on one thing, advanced data solutions. Dataversal “The Data Company” launched in 2012 with a mission to help clients manage and leverage their data assets while making data solutions more affordable to the mass majority.

We are not a staffing agency, nor are we a consulting company. We are a completely new and innovative alternative that provides our clients much more than a “staffing agency body” or a “consulting company document.” We are a network of data professionals who are experts in their respective areas of Data Science. Experts who have united to assist our clients with the successful deployment of the current widely used Data Technologies. We lessen the time, cost and expertise required to deploy advanced data technologies through innovative Data Solutions.

We designed our business model and strategy based on experience and insight of data solutions required by clients and their deployment “pain points.” Our competition’s business model is usually based on a financial model of “how many bodies at what rate and duration.” We are a network of independent data professionals who have joined forces to provide data experience and expertise without the outrageously high margins that most other organizations charge “just” for administration support or large company overhead.

We are a “Knowledge Augmentation” (KA) company; we assist our clients in filling their data knowledge gaps on a temporary, part-time or full-time basis. Our KA business model is based on a full range of offerings that empower our clients with the data knowledge they require, with our without the added headcount. Every professional in the Dataversal network is certified by Dataversal experts.

Our business model is unique, allowing us to resolve the supply and demand challenges for data resources at price points equal to or near those of “body shop” rates.